FQA International 

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Industrial Consultancy

On the industrial value chain side, we focus mainly in the agro-processing and general manufacturing value chain projects including infrastructure and logistics. Our focal service areas shall include:

  1. Conducting Industrial feasibility studies, design & development
  2. New product development, market profiling & customer surveys
  3. Technical assistance industrial value chain planning and strategy
  4. Supply and installation of specialized manufacturing & packaging systems.

Calibration and Testing

Pressure Calibration

pressure gauges, autoclaves, retorts
Pressure Calibration

Volume Calibration

pipettes, buretes , tanks
Volume Calibration

Mass Calibration

weighing scales and small volumetric containers
Mass Calibration

Temperature Calibration

thermometers, thermocouples, water baths, incubators
Temperature Calibration

Inspection & Certification

Imports and Exports Verification
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Lifting Equipment
Slide item 2

Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Slide item 3

Health and Safety Inspection
Slide item 4

Asset and Motor Vehicle Inspection

Quality Management Systems